MS221 – Tutorial 2 and a panic

Second tutorial for MS221 last night. Covered a lot of ground (Chapters A3 and B1).

Going over the A3 stuff was very helpful, especially the isometry stuff. Was good to get some more examples of how to use the notation. Most of the trig stuff is settling back in slowly, this seemed to be a major topic in my A-Levels so some vague semblance of it is lurking at the back of my head. Just need to remember that most of the identities are on page 48 of the handbook.

While our reading wasn’t have meant to have got that far we then moved on to cover B1 (the only problem with the MS221 tutorials is that they aren’t quite enough of them, and the timings seem to be a little less than optimal). Not having read this chapter yet I was expecting a bit of a struggle. Thankfully it seems we’re still in A-Level territory. A bit of combinatorics came flooding back:

 {^n}C_r = \dfrac{n!}{(n-r)!r!}

The rest of the examples seemed to be basic calculus, so not too worried about those.

Typing this up I’ve noticed that the OU seem to want to use a different notation to the default combination one within LaTeX. LaTeX seem to use the binomial version:

 {n \choose r} = \dfrac{n!}{(n-r)!r!}

rather than the large C version. So to get around that I typeset the first equation as:

{^n}C_r = \dfrac{n!}{(n-r)!r!}

The panic now coming on is that I’d got the wrong submission date for TMA01, I though I had till the 23rd for some reason, and i’ve just noticed this morning that it’s actually for the 7th. Rats, with the Easter postal delays, I’m going to have to have it in the post for next Monday, so that’s 5 days to draft it and typeset it. And I’m going to work out the LaTeX stuff to do the transformations/translation notation nicely.


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