International Record Store Day, Nottingham, April 2010

So today was the second celebration of Record Store Day in the UK (or at least the second as far as I know). Celebrating this in Nottingham were the good folks at The Heavy Sounds, who’d got the East Midlands allocation of the limited edition singles. So in the hope of getting hold of the Bruce Springsteen 10″ I decided to start queueing at 09:30, only to find I was 30 back in the queue (number 1 had arrived about 6ish, and number 9 had turned up at 8, I’m not quite that keen).

Don’t know if the other traders in the West End Arcade knew what was happening as the queue kept building up and up (I reckong there must have been at least a 100 people or more in the queue). 10 o’clock turned up and we all started filing in in an orderly fashion (don’t think we were going to be allowed to do anything else). Took a fair while for everyone to filter in (think I got in about 11:10), but this left plenty of time to chat in the queue. Seemed to be lots of genuine music fans taking the time out to make sure they grab something so there was plenty of far ranging conversation.

Got the Bruce EP, the Nick Cave 12″ and the JAMC 7″. Plus I couldn’t resist the Surfer Blood 7″ after seeing it had an Allen Blickle (Baroness) remix on the b-side, and also this wonderful cover:

Surfer Blood - Swim 7" cover

The saddest part of the day was standing in the queue and a group of us all discussing all the independent music shops that have shut down in Nottingham over the years. But the good bit was supporting the one that’s still there (none of us could think of any others in Nottingham open atm).

Hopefully we’ll be back next year. And hopefully the Creperie will have worked out that they could make a fortune delivering cups of tea and coffee to the queuers :).

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