mst121, ms221 – where to study

Having just got back from a holiday in Orlando it’s really made me think about where I’ve studied for these 2 Open university courses.

So far I’ve studied on the sofa at home, at the library in the city centre, on flights to Germany, in a hotel room in Orlando, a cottage in Normandy and when a TMA deadline looms, at my work desk during lunch breaks.

So that’s a lot of freedom to study and really opens up the amount of time it frees up for study as well. I know the standard advice is to have a specific place to study and to always study at the same time. But that can be really restrictive, especially if you’ve got a hectic social life or lots of other commitments. So being able to use what would otherwise be dead time means that studying doesn’t cut into the fun things too much.

I’ve also found that travel can often help in that there’s time to sit and read a whole course section from start to finish, and then go back to do the exercises which really seems to help settle things into the brain.

Not saying this will work for everyone, but I’ve found it a really good thing for me, and I’m not planning on changing anything when I move onto M208. That said, there’s still 2 months to go before I get the final marks for these 2 courses…………

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