Running Log 20/09/10 – 07/10/10

20/09/10 – 3.7 miles – 32:07 – Route 10
22/09/10 – 5.8 miles – 50:16 – Route 6 – Bit of a break after this one. But I’m counting carrying sofas up and down stairs helping a friend to move as interval training.
27/09/10 – 7 miles – 1:02:25 – Route 12 – Bloody hell this was hilly, but I thought I recovered pretty quickly once back on the flat which has to be a good sign
29/09/10 – 4 miles – 33:00 – Route 2 – Quick dash before work as I was going to the pub straight after work.
02/10/10 – 10 miles – 1:19:50 – Route 13 – Happy with this as I’d wanted to do it for ages. Found it quite hard going in places, almost cutting the last 3 miles off, but glad I kept on going.
05/10/10 – 5.9 miles – 48:17 – Route 6 – Quite happy with this one, think this is going to be a standard run from now on. Though could have done with some less annoying drivers on the roads.
07/10/10 – 4.3 miles – 36:48 – Route 2 with a slight change to avoid the Goose Fair – Didn’t feel too bad, though I felt like I was roasting which can’t be right for October in shorts and T-shirt can it?

And that’s it until Sunday when I try the Leicester Half Marathon. Still don’t think I’ve done enough training, but no time to do any more. Hoping to do 2 hours or just sub. But whatever happens I just hope I do better than the Nottingham half a month ago where I ended up having to walk. This time I’m not going to be jetlagged, and I won’t get whisky drunk on the friday night either.

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