3 fields audax prep

So having not even got the first one complete, the route sheet for audax 2 has arrived. This one’s the Three Fields one from Alfreton, which seems to be the local hot bed for audaxing with quite a few each year (http://www.buggc.freeserve.co.uk/audax.htm). Being cautious/sensible and trying another 100km one, though I’ve also dropped an entry in for the Roses to Wrags which would be the following week. Though actually doing that will be decided on how well Three Fields goes.

I’ve done the fun easy bit of plotting it out beforehand. Google maps, a road map and Street view certainly make it quite easy for most parts (though I did have to drop down to an OS map for the section through Clumber park). Looks like a nice bimble around Northern nottinghamshire.

Depending on how Rutland and Beyond goes at the weekend, I might even consider riding to/from the start :).

Should be a map here, though your experience of iframes may vary, so try here:

Route profile:

Three Fields Audax route profile
Three Fields Audax route profile

And the gpx I created is here – three-fields-audax-2011.gpx

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