2 steps forward, and 1 back

My iPhone 3G was gradually becoming more unusable. Modern apps were running too slow, and the touch screen seemed to be on it’s way out. It’s not had a bad innings, just over 3 years with 2 geeky owners who’ve probably hammered it quite a bit. So decided it was time to bite the bullet and fork out some money for an iPhone 4.

So far so good. Certainly a lot faster, which makes it so much nicer to use.

The only slight fly in the ointment at the moment is that I can’t jailbreak it. Which means no scrobbl, so all my lovely music plays are going unscrobbled. I’ve tried various suggestions to get it working via iTunes when syncing, but no joy yet. On an old ipod I used to use a batch file to load them up, but I’d rather not have to do anything that requires me remembering to take extra steps, just lazy like that.

Hopefully there’ll be a jailbreak soon so I can back to normal. Or Last.fm could just add scrobbling functionality to their own app, as far as I knew it was the lack of official ‘backgrounding’ that was the problem, which isn’t an issue any more is it?

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