M208 mojo back (possibly).

Well TMA06 seems to have gone reasonably well. Answered everything and I’m reasonably certain about quite a few of the answers as well. Having a couple of pieces of decent length downtime to work on it helped quite a bit. It’s all LaTeXed now, so I just need to add some hboxes for the sketch graphs and I can post it off to my tutor.

Hoping this carries on with TMA07 as there’s not long to get it done (it’s due 2 weeks after TMA06). And then it’s cracking on with the revision for the Exam a month later. Need to order some past M208 exam papers as there don’t seem to be any floating around the interwebs for M208, Luckily they can be downloaded (here) so no chance of the royal mail losing them.

Pretty much decided that I’ll be doing MST209 next year. Though not sure about doing the residential school (MSXR209) as that’ll add a hefty whack to the year which I could do without (wedding’s aren’t cheap).

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