Hilly 100km from Nottingham through the Peak District (Possible DIY by GPS)

Having fixed my drivetrain problems I decided it would be a good idea to get some hilly riding in before the Dean. With some decent weather forecast for the weekend I decided that heading for the Peak District was good idea. Not been out that way for a couple of months as I’ve either not had enough time or have been worried about getting caught out by the weather.

I worked out a cut down route based on last years ill fated first attempt at a DIY by GPS that should fit into the 5 hours I had spare. But in a fit of very un-audax thinking I couldn’t be bothered to get a virtual brevet for it, so this hasn’t been officially proven, but autoroute OKs it.

The control points I ‘used’ were:

  • Nottingham
  • Belper
  • Birchover
  • Jaggers Lane, Darley Moor
  • Nottingham

Autoroute gives this as 100.6km on shortest distance around that lot. The route I took round them looked like this:

It’s a reasonably quiet route. Even the main roads out of Nottingham are reasonably quiet. Rolling roads to Belper and then the proper Peak District hills kick in. Birchover Lane is a very steep little number, I ended up have to walk about 2 meters of it as there was just no traction to be had. The descent from Bichover through Stanton Lees is very fast, but some of the corners are very sharp so be careful. The climb out of Darley Dale is a bit of a struggle, the signs reckon 20%, but that’s if you don’t get the line wrong on the hairpins. Once that’s over it’s a nice rolling ride back to Nottingham.

I made the route 1650m of climbing from my Edge 800, which should qualify for AAA points. But until someone submits it to the AAA man there’s no guarantee. The profile looks like this:

My ride of it went pretty well considering I’m still trying to find my legs this year. The only bit I had to walk was as mentioned above due to lack of traction. That’s pretty good compared to last years attempts. I’m still slow on the climbs, but that can hopefully be improved. Looking forward to getting over to the Peak District a bit more this year, now I’ve got some reasonable pace on the flat I can get over there without wasting too much time. And I’ll give that DIY from last year another go, just to make sure it gets ticked off.

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