Why do cyclists get militant?

Well stories like this are one of the main reasons – http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/communities/heaton/2012/04/21/tyneside-vicar-s-death-sparks-changes-to-heaton-road-72703-30809512/

No fault from the driver? For overtaking where it wasn’t safe to do so? For not allowing enough room when overtaking a slow moving vehicle?[1] Assuming that speeding is the only offense a driver could commit that would endanger another road user?

Coroner David Mitford is a bloody idiot:

  • If Mr Strong had waited 2 minutes, Mr Malleson would still be alive.
  • If Mr Strong had looked ahead to see what was happening on the road ahease, Mr Malleson would still be alive.
  • If Mr Strong hadn’t forced past while the road was obstructed, Mr Malleson would still be alive.

I make that at least 3 actions of Mr Strong that killed Mr Malleson. But as usual, as he killed him with a car nothing happens.

And the helmet issue is a red herring, cycling appears to be the only form of road use where I’m meant to wear a piece of supposed protection which won’t protect me properly in the event of someone else’s fuckup. Do we blame the victim when a original mini is crushed by a larger vehicle? Surely the mini driver could have  upgrade to the latest greatest 4×4 with a safety cell?  Which still wouldn’t have protected them, so why are cyclists singled out for having to mitigate YOUR fuckup.

[1] – note for the apoletic idiot driving silver Peugot FE03OWH on Mansfield road on the 9th July, the legal minimum space to give to any road user when overtaking, is 3 feet, not 8 inches.

Update: This link – http://www.stop-smidsy.org.uk/case-study/reverend-michael-malleson-died-after-being-knocked-road-narrowing-heaton-newcastle-301111 – has been bought to my attention. And it appears that we now let the police decide on who’s at fault. Erm, I was under the impression that that was a job for the coroner and the courts.

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