Review – Ensiferum at Nottingham Rescue Rooms – 08/10/2009

Due to illness managed to miss Tracedawn and Metsatoll’s sets. Though I’m reliably informed that Metsatoll were very good.

Turned up about 10 minutes before Ensiferum went on stage so just enough time to grab a beer say hello to people and find a spot.
Nothing too flashy on stage, keyboard stand that looked like 2 huge swords and a very nice 6 string bass with LED fret markers was cool.

They came onto stage and immediately the crowd got going with chants and occasionally breaking into a small pit for the faster songs. Good setlist, decent mix of stuff off of all the albums. As usual I can’t remember too many of them (maybe pen and pencil in future?) but we definitely got From Afar, Little Dreamer, Lai Lai Hei, Slayer of Light and Iron. Bloody good value for money, 1:45 set is pretty impressive. Looked like lots of other people enjoyed is as well from the faces at the end of the set. pretty well attended as well.

Nice to be in the Rescue Rooms, wish more metal bands would book themselves in here rather than try for Rock City and end up in the Basement/Disco II. The Rescue Rooms have some space to move, and a stage that’s mor that 9″ high, so there’s a good chance of seeing the band you want to see. And the PA seems to be slightly less harsh on the ears, probably due to a bit more space and the hung PA, so there’s a chance for the engineer to give a good volume to everyone, and not deafen those nearest the stacks.

Tonight, Insect Warfare, oh yeah.

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