10 miles around Nottingham Canal and The River Trent

Nottingham Canal/River Trent running route
Nottingham Canal/River Trent running route

I’ve wanted to run this for ages, but only just got good enough to do it. Basically it’s a 10 mile loop around Nottingham following the Nottingahm Canal and the River trent with only a very small bit along a road. I know the linked map says 9.5 miles, but I’m going to trust my Garmin on this one, as it gives me ten miles :).

Could be started from anywhere, but I decided to start from Castle Marina Sainsburys in Lenton. Decent secure car park (honest, I bought something) almost straight onto the canal towpath. I went anti-clockwise, so turned left and kept following the towpath.

At the moment (October 2010) when you get to beeston lock you get stopped by fences due to construction works. So turn right over the little bridge, then left along the road, at the lock cross the footbridge and then follow the diversion through the building works until you’re on the river path.

Eventually the river path turns into a small road by the Nottingham University’s sports fields, when this turns sharply left turn right down the track and the left under Clifton bridge. Keep following this path until it drops you onto Queens Drive. Keep following the river and then as you bear right off of queens drive take the right hand fork and use the steps to drop down onto the embankment and keep on going. I prefer to hug the edge of the embankment. As you get towards trent bridge keep to the edge and head through to get to Trent Lock, cross the bridge, sharp left and you’re back on the canal towpath. Just follow this back round until you’re back at Sainsburys.

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  1. Thanks for your running route! Just what I am looking for, as I am working in Nottingham soon and need an 8-10 mile route starting near Castle Marina!

    I would like to ask if it is an easy route to follow…moving from the canal onto river and back to start? Hopefully it is well sign posted and obvious once there.

    Hoever, if there is potential for getting lost or missing a turning, any advice you can provide about marker points at the turning places would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks


  2. Morning,
    Welcome to nottingham. It’s a fairly easy route to follow, though I’ve not used it for about a year as I’ve been concentrating on cycling this year.

    It is pretty well signposted as it’s part of the council’s Big Wheel/Big Track project.

    The only bit that’s a little bit confusing is on the Trent section at Clifton Flyover. The description above covers it going anti-clockwise, but it’s probably worth zooming in on the map so you can visualise it before you head round.

    There’s also good running if you keep following the Trent up or downstream. If you head upstream from Beeston Lock you’ll get to Attenbrough Nature reserves, which are a nice place to run if you get there before too many dog walkers and families, or you can head downstream from Trent Bridge to the Water Sports centre at Holme Pierrepoint which is quite nice as well. It’s just a bit of a pain for runners that the Trent crossings are so far apart as you tend to get forced into out and backs rather than nice loops.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to reply, it is much appreciated. It sounds like a nice place to run, I look forward to it, thanks again.

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