M208 – Still going

All been a bit quite on the M208 front recently.

Got TMA01 part 1 back from my tutor. Pretty happy with the result, just dropped a couple of marks for a couple of dumb mistakes. TMA01 part 2 is all done bar the diagrams, so I just need to print that out and draw them. If I get a chance this afternoon I might even hand it direct to my tutor at the tutorial this evening. The only thing I’m worried about with it is the way of showing steps. We’ve been told that the M208 marking scheme is a lot more stringent on providing proofs and steps, but I’m not always sure of the official way to write them. Hopefully I’m not too far off the mark, and if I am the feedback will help for the next TMAs

Group Theory A is taking a while to plough through. All the exercises seem to take a while to plough through. And again I’m getting confused on quite how to write things out. I’ll try to do it formally and then look at the answer to find they’ve used different format. And a lack of spare lunch times at work have meant there’s been a bit less time for studying as well. Hopefully I’ll get back up to speed in the next couple of weeks.

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