Getting Garmin Mapsource without the original CD

Rebuilding my windows machine and I needed to get Mapsource back on to it so I could work on cleaning up gpx routes. But I couldn’t find the CD anywhere. And trying to download it from Garmin’s site (here) was pointless as it wouldn’t install unless you had a previous version to upgrade.

While mucking around this morning trying other Garmin apps I found out that if you install Training Centre (download here) then it’s enough to make the Mapsource installer think it’s already installed and let you install the ‘update’.

Now I’ve got the OpenStreetMap maps back on as well I can get on with sorting a route out for the Tramway 100 from Crich on Saturday. Looks like a fun hilly 100km audax round the peak district, though with a profile like this:

I do wonder how my legs are going to feel when I head out on Saturday night for a birthday do.

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  1. You’re welcome, glad it’s useful. I spent ages hunting and cursing when I couldn’t find my CD until I stumbled onto this.

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